Art House Santa Fe

Art House is the only digital art collection open to the public in the Southwest—and one of very few in the United States. Algorithmic, interactive, and virtual artworks from the Thoma Foundation are on view year-round, rotating seasonally. We are open Thursday – Saturday and by appointment, and we welcome visits from school groups.

CURRENT Exhibition

John Gerrard, Flag (Amazon), 2017, real-time computer simulation on LCD monitor with LED backlighting

Collecting Digital Art: Highlights + New Acquisitions from the Thoma Foundation features ongoing seasonal installations of contemporary artworks from the digital art collection and new acquisitions of historic importance, including works by Lynn Hershman Leeson, Eduardo Kac, Steina Vasulka, Daniel Canogar, Vera Molnar, Beryl Korot, Brigitte Kowanz, Daniel Rozin, John Gerrard, Laura Splan, Guillermo Galindo, Siebren Versteeg and others. Our pioneering digital and electronic art collection spans the global history of computer art of the past fifty years, representing artistic innovations in custom-coded software, internet-connected and real-time animation, early computer drawing, interactive technology, video installation, electronic sculpture, and works utilizing LED and LCD displays.

The current thematic installation In Real Time features newly acquired works that use real-time software to autonomously generate virtual simulations. Real-time software allows an artwork to deliver a live, constantly evolving animation of infinite duration. This technology is a special characteristic unique to digital art. On view are works by John Gerrard, Siebren Versteeg, and Daniel Canogar.

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TRANSFER Download, installation from the Minnesota Street Project, San Francisco, 2016

TRANSFER Download opens June 15 at Art House in concert with the Currents New Media and Futurition | Santa Fe Festivals. The exhibition features new digital art by fifteen international artists showcased in an interactive display chamber called a hyperspace. Visitors can select artworks to view from a menu within an immersive projection area. TRANSFER Download brings together the latest generation of artists engaging with powerful technologies of 3D animation software, gaming engines, and algorithmic simulation, including Lorna Mills (Toronto); Lu Yang (Shanghai); Carla Gannis (New York); AES+F (Moscow); Claudia Hart (New York & Chicago); LaTurbo Avedon (The Internet); Theo Triantafyllidis (Los Angeles); Alex McLeod (Toronto); Rollin Leonard (Los Angeles); Sabrina Ratté (Paris); Rick Silva and Nicolas Sassoon (Pacific Northwest); Snow Yunxue Fu (Chicago); Phillip David Stearns (New York); Harvey Moon (San Francisco); and Daniel Temkin (New York).

Sunday, June 10, 1 pm: Curator Kelani Nichole gives a free public talk The Networked Avant-garde at SITE Santa Fe (1606 Paseo de Peralta), discussing the ways in which the internet has changed the production and sharing of artwork, and how experimental galleries like TRANSFER are disrupting the infrastructure of the art world. The talk is presented by the Thoma Foundation in partnership with SITE Santa Fe and Currents New Media.

Friday, June 15, 5-7 pm: TRANSFER Download opening reception

Location & Hours

Thursday – Saturday, 10 am-5 pm
231 Delgado St.
Santa Fe, NM 87501