Art House to Open New Installations

Jun 01, 2017
Hours: Thurs. - Sat., 10am - 5pm
231 Delgado St. | Santa Fe, NM 87501

Public Reception: Saturday, June 17th, 5-7pm

Artists Included:
Beryl Korot
Brigitte Kowanz
Guillermo Galindo
Laura Splan
Steina Vasulka
Vera Molnár

Digital & Electronic Art

Collecting Digital Art: Highlights + New Acquisitions from the Thoma Foundation opens at Art House in Santa Fe  June 1st with a public reception June 17th, 5-7pm, and will feature the first rotation of ongoing seasonal installations, showcasing significant artworks from the digital art collection that include new acquisitions of historic importance. The new installations feature artworks by Guillermo Galindo, Beryl Korot, Brigitte Kowanz, Vera Molnar, Laura Splan and Steina Vasulka.

The summer installations will include works by video art pioneers Beryl Korot and Steina Vasulka. Korot’s Dachau 1974 explores themes of the Nazi concentration camp as a tourist site, with an interplay of images across four monitors, resembling a basic hand-loom weaving pattern. Vasulka’s Violin Power, 1970-1978, a visionary work within the early history of experimental audiovisual art, uses recorded sound from her violin performance to generate optical video effects. In this innovative work, Vasulka adapts her training as a classical violinist, taming her instrument to convert sound waveforms into electronic signals that, when synthesized with video, produce abstracted imagery. Additionally, nine plotter drawings from the 1976 Transformations series by Vera Molnar, a 2016 Jacquard tapestry by Laura Splan that explores the use of computerized loom techniques to weave patterns derived from electromyography (EMG) readings, and Waveform Coded Landscape, 2015, by genre-defying performer, visual and sound artist Guillermo Galindo, will be on view.

The Carl & Marilynn Thoma Art Foundation’s digital art collection spans the global history of computer art of the past fifty years. The collection includes some of the first algorithmic plotter drawings on paper, digital animation, software-driven, generative, and custom coded artworks, interactive works based on real-time gaming platforms, virtual reality, internet-based or networked art, and works that utilize LED and LCD displays. The Foundation recognizes the cultural and intellectual value of artworks that make use of experimental and innovative technologies.

Public Reception: There will be a free public reception for Collecting Digital Art: Highlights + New Acquisitions from the Thoma Foundation on Saturday, June 17, 5-7pm, 231 Delgado Street, Santa Fe, NM.

Hours & Tours: Art House’s regular public hours are Thursday-Saturday, 10am-5pm. Admission is free, and school and group tours can be arranged in advance during both regular and by-appointment hours with Foundation staff.