New Thematic Installation "In Real Time"


In Real Time features newly acquired works from the digital art collection that use real-time software to autonomously generate virtual simulations.


The Thoma Foundation collection includes over 1,000 works of art in four broad fields. The collection continues to grow, and work from the collection is displayed at our exhibition spaces in Santa Fe and Chicago and lent to exhibition venues around the world.

Digital & Electronic Art

This pioneering collection encompasses artistic innovations in custom-coded and algorithmic software, internet-connected and real-time animation, early computer drawing, interactive technology, video installation, electronic sculpture, and works that utilize LED and LCD displays.

Japanese Bamboo

The Japanese Bamboo collection includes contemporary Japanese Bamboo baskets, representing both independent artists and bamboo artists from the two professional associations devoted to the field, Nitten (Japan Fine Arts Exhibition) and the Nihon Kogeikai (Japan Craft Arts Association).

Post-war Painting & Sculpture

Our collection of mid-century global abstract art is centered around the years 1950–1979 and the major movements of that period including Color Field, Hard Edge, Op, Washington Color School, Light & Space and shaped canvas.

Spanish Colonial

The Spanish Colonial collection includes paintings that capture the expressions and intertwined history of European and Andean cultures. The paintings represent the geographic diversity of the Viceroyalty of Peru, Spain’s management of its interests from Mexico and Central America (New Spain) to South America (all of which was called Peru).