Mouse in the Machine: Nature in the Age of Digital Art

Art House

Mouse in the Machine brings together contemporary digital artworks at the intersection of technology and nature to examine how software can simulate, generate and recreate natural processes.

This collection includes artworks from the early 20th century to the present. A major area of focus is the development of a processed-based approach across evolving media—abstract painting through color field, hard edge and optical art; light art; interactive art; video installation; computer and digital art; and contemporary art that engages technology.

Color Field, Hard Edge & Op Art

The painting collection comprises international approaches to abstraction in the second half of the twentieth century, with a focus on the geometric tradition.

Digital & Electronic Art

The electronic art revolution mirrored the digital technology boom. Video projectors, television monitors, computer circuitry and custom software define this burgeoning genre of contemporary art.

Light & Space

Electric illumination technology generated a major twentieth-century movement, which continues to evolve with the proliferation of LEDs.

New Mexico Modernism

The New Mexico Modernism collection includes paintings from the 20th century by American and European artists who captured the New Mexico landscape and native cultures.