Art & Empire: The Golden Age of Spain

   May 18, 2019 – February 23, 2020
   San Diego Museum of Art; Museo de Historia Mexicana

Bernardo Bitti, "Virgin and Child" (detail), c. 1592–1605, oil on panel. Photo by the Conservation Center.

Artists Included:
Art of the Spanish Americas

The Thoma Foundation is proud to provide support for the traveling exhibition and catalogue Art & Empire: The Golden Age of Spain, organized by the San Diego Museum of Art. This exhibition will be on view at the Museo de Historia Mexicana in Monterrey, Mexico, from October 30, 2019 – February 23, 2010. Art & Empire was the first-ever exhibition in the United States to expand the notion of the “Golden Age” to include the Hispanic world beyond the shores of the Iberian peninsula.

This exhibition features two paintings on loan from the Thoma Foundation’s collection of Art of the Spanish Americas: Our Lady of the Pillar with a Franciscan and a Dominican Monk, a 17th century oil painting with gold on canvas by an unidentified artist, and Virgin and Child, an oil painting on panel dated circa 1592-1605 by Bernardo Bitti (1548-1610).

For more information about this exhibition, read its full description on the San Diego Museum of Art’s website. For more information about its second venue, visit Museo de Historia Mexicana’s website.

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