In Real Life

   January 16 – March 13, 2020
   Museum of Contemporary Photography, Columbia College Chicago, IL

Trevor Paglen, "Behold These Glorious Times!," 2017, single-channel digital video. © Trevor Paglen.

Artists Included:
Trevor Paglen

As the powerful technology behind artificial intelligence grows more sophisticated, machines have developed the capacity to not only capture images but to “see” them as well. In Real Life is an exhibition seeking to examine the real-world impact of computer vision—from the murky ethics of data collection and surveillance to the racial and gender biases that abound in facial recognition technology.
Through the lens of seven artists working with a range of digital media, In Real Life presents works that grapple with the fraught relationship between humans and technology, with an emphasis on the social and aesthetic ramifications of machine “seeing.” With a charged underpinning of human biases, these pieces, many of which were generated through algorithmic technology, present a speculative near-future wherein the socio-political consequences of AI have already begun to compromise how we visualize the world—and our humanity. 

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