Yorgo Alexopoulos, “Everything In-Between”

   May 3, 2018 – May 31, 2021
   New Mexico History Museum

Yorgo Alexopoulos, "Everything In-Between," 2014, six-channel 4k digital animation on six LCD monitors with custom electronics. © Yorgo Alexopoulos.

Artists Included:
Yorgo Alexopoulos

Yorgo Alexopoulos combines digital painting, original photography and live-action film into
an animation across six synchronized screens for Everything In-Between, an artwork commissioned by the Carl & Marilynn Thoma Art Foundation. For this digital video, Alexopoulos traveled across New Mexico on photo safaris to capture landscape imagery, incorporating the state’s flora and topography with geometric symbols of nature, such as triangle mountain shapes and brightly colored circles. “Landscape is the star of the film,” he says about Everything In-Between.

Everything In-Between employs 4K resolution technology and Alexopoulos collaborated with the monitor manufacturer to devise the optimal display design for his imagery. He fractured and then synchronized the imagery over six panels in order to emphasize his geometric pursuit. For Alexopoulos and the Cubists before him, geometry is a filter or structure for picturing a many-dimensioned experience of our world.

Alexopoulos does not use algorithms or randomized data in his many digital works. Rather, everything is directed in his works, including key attention to edits, animations, color and pacing. As a visual statement, the artwork connects to the artist’s research interests in natural history and physical science. The unfolding, ambient experience of Everything In-Between echoes the artist’s creative exploration—over landscapes and through the eye.

Alexopoulos often relates his digital practice to painting. His former work as a graffiti and mural painter translates into the wall-sized scale of his media-driven works. The large size suggests a deep, immersive space of experience. Everything In-Between continues endlessly. “There is no beginning or end,” says the artist, “which is representative of the cycles of life.”

Shot and commissioned in New Mexico, this work underscores the continued relevance of artists making work that is a meditation on the New Mexico landscape. This work depicts many iconic locations in our state, including White Sands National Monument, Shiprock, and Santa Fe National Forest.

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