Net Art Anthology

Grants & Awards

Digital & Electronic Art

The Foundation has awarded a two-year grant to Rhizome to support Net Art Anthology, an online exhibition retelling the history of net art from the 1980s to the present day. Launched on October 27, 2016, Net Art Anthology addresses a field of artistic practice in which even the most influential works often fade into obscurity as the result of technological obsolescence. The project meets the Foundation’s interest in supporting innovative ventures that are increasing awareness and scholarship about the emerging issues in digital art.

Net Art Anthology will take the form of an online exhibition with one work re-presented and re-performed each week for two years. Works will span the 1980s to the present day, exploring the ways in which ideas that are of interest to artists today have played out through time, from staging the self online to internet poetry. The exhibition will be curated by Rhizome’s artistic director, Michael Connor, and newly-appointed assistant curator of net art, Aria Dean.

Learn more about Net Art Anthology in the October 21, 2016 issue of The New York Times.