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2019 Arts Writing Award Winner McKenzie Wark Publishes New Book

October 9, 2019
Digital & Electronic Art

McKenzie Wark, awardee of the Thoma Foundations 2019 Arts Writers Award in Digital Art, has published a new book: Capital is Dead.

In this radical and visionary new book, Wark argues that information has empowered a new kind of ruling class. Through the ownership and control of information, this emergent class dominates not only labour but capital as traditionally understood as well.

Capital Is Dead offers not only the theoretical tools to analyze this new world, but ways to change it. Drawing on the writings of a surprising range of classic and contemporary theorists, Wark offers an illuminating overview of the contemporary condition and the emerging class forces that control—and contest—it.

For more information about Capital is Dead, visit Verso’s website.

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