Oscar Muñoz, El Coleccionista, 2014-2016, three-channel digital video, cut paper, custom shelf, projectors. © Oscar Muñoz, still by Oscar Muñoz.


Acquisition Highlight: Oscar Muñoz’s El Coleccionista

February 23, 2020
Digital & Media Art

The Carl & Marilynn Thoma Art Foundation is excited to announce a recent addition to our collection of Digital & Electronic Art: Oscar Muñoz’s 2014-2016 digital video projection El Coleccionista (The Collector).

This three-channel digital video installation images the partially-translucent artist arranging virtual photographs on physical pieces of paper.

Muñoz (b. 1951) is a Colombian visual artist whose genre-transcending artworks often incorporate photography, video, audio, sculpture, drawing, and installation.

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