Siebren Versteeg, Daily Times (Performer), 2012, real-time generative software animation. © Siebren Versteeg, photo by Jamie Stukenberg.

Artwork Loans

Direct Message: Art, Language, and Power at MCA Chicago

October 1, 2019
October 26, 2019 – January 26, 2020
MCA Chicago
220 E Chicago Ave
Chicago, IL 60611
Siebren Versteeg
Digital & Media Art

Direct Message: Art, Language, and Power at MCA Chicago looks at the ways artists since the 1960s have used words to challenge our ideas about all of the messages we read, write, hear, and speak daily as well as their forms. In this innovative exhibition, artists remix conventional modes of communication, challenging our perceptions of language and, by extension, power.

On loan from the Thoma Foundation is Siebren Versteeg’s 2013 Daily Times (Performer), a digital artwork which algorithmically generates a software animation in real-time based on imagery and content from the New York Times.

For more information about this exhibition, visit the MCA Chicago’s website.

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