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History of Computer Art: Class Tour at Orange Door in Chicago

March 7, 2015

On Saturday, March 7th, the Thoma Foundation curator, Jason Foumberg, hosted a group of thirteen students from Victoria Salinger’s History of Computer Art undergraduate seminar class from the University of Chicago at Orange Door, the Thoma Foundation exhibition space in Chicago. Light – Space – Code, the exhibition on view at Orange Door (by appointment), reflects crossover themes in the digital, light and hard-edge painting collections.

Foumberg remarked, “The students were particularly interested in the overlap of systematic paintings and digital artworks, as this has been a special topic of their course.” He added that students with computing backgrounds introduced ideas to the conversation. For example, one student related Jean-Pierre Hebert’s plotter drawings to current 3D printing technology, both of which operate using x-y axis design principles.

The students were then shown newly acquired Vera Molnar drawings from 1976; previously, they had viewed her work only through online reproductions. Foumberg added, “It was a great group of engaged and thoughtful students, and their area of study was perfectly aligned with the spectrum of the exhibition.”

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