The entrance to Bowie’s Backstage.

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Introducing Moving Arts’ New Teen Space! 

November 9, 2022

The Thoma Foundation sends their congratulations to Moving Arts Española on both the opening of their new teen programming wing, Bowie’s Backstage, and Executive Director Salvador Ruiz’s naming as a UniVisionario. Two years ago, we first had the honor of meeting co-founders Sal Ruiz and Roger Montoya, whose leadership, dedication, and passion for serving their community is positively contagious. Not only have Roger and Sal created an environment where the young people of this community are holistically nurtured, but they have also fostered the next generation of leaders.  

We are honored to be partners in this work, and to see that Roger, and now Sal, have received the national and international recognition they so richly deserve. And we are deeply grateful that we could be part of the creation of Bowie’s Backstage, a vibrant space where teens can learn, express themselves, and feel safe & welcome. We look forward to seeing many careers launched and friendships forged in this new wing! 

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