Kate Weinstein demonstrating how to power off Caryatid (Stiverne), a 2018 single-channel digital video on television by Paul Pfeiffer

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Kate Weinstein, Collections Manager, Presents at CODAsummit

October 10, 2019
Digital & Media Art

Kate Weinstein, the Thoma Foundation’s Collections Manager and Registrar, presented at CODAsummit: The Intersection of Art, Technology and Place last week in El Paso, Texas. Her presentation went over best practices on acquiring, maintaining, and repairing digital artworks, including the extensive documentation required in collecting this type of artwork. Focusing on the idea of experiential conservation, Kate presented practical tips and examined three case studies—in video, generative software, and custom electronics artworks—to explore what type of documentation is best in planning for perpetuation, based on each of their inherent vices.

We are pleased to share her presentation slides here, as well as some sample forms and templates. The Thoma Foundation has several documents, each for our general sub-categories of digital artworks, tailored towards the different types the Foundation may acquire. These documents are intended to be a starting point and can be edited to reflect the needs of a specific artwork. Included here are our incoming condition reports and our artist questionnaires, both of which give us a starting point in developing a larger identity report for each artwork to record core information about the artwork, its installation, display, and preservation.

To access these materials, please visit our Dropbox.

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