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NYU: Topics in Time-based Media Art Conservation, A Conversation with The Thoma Foundation Team

June 23, 2022

Perspectives from a Private Collection: How the Thoma Foundation Collects and Conserves Digital, Video and Media Art

The Carl & Marilynn Thoma Foundation, founded in 2014, confronts conservation and display challenges by actively performing solutions on its growing collection of 336 artworks by 176 artists in Digital, Video and Media Art. This talk brings together the Foundation’s collection care team and founder to share insights on how they collaborate with each other, artists, and other experts. Collector Carl Thoma discusses why certain artworks draw his attention, and how he is supporting programs that serve to strengthen the sustainability and appreciation of art and technology. Curator Jason Foumberg reviews the Foundation’s thematic approach to exhibitions, and the direction of its acquisition program. Collections Manager Kate Weinstein explores technical, preparatory and conservation issues across the Foundation’s spectrum of vintage and emerging technologies.

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