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Posted: March 30, 2016

2016 Arts Writing Awards in Digital Art

The Thoma Foundation will announce the winners of the 2016 Arts Writing Awards in Digital Art on May 3, 2016. The Arts Writing Awards recognize arts writers who have made sustained and ...

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Posted: March 2, 2016

Sparking Creativity at Chicago Shakespeare Theater

In addition to their philanthropic work through the Thoma Foundation, the Thomas also support cultural organizations like Chicago Shakespeare Theater. On March 2, 2016, Chicago Shakespeare announced the endowment the Carl and Marilynn ...

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Posted: March 1, 2016

Extended Exhibition – Doctrine and Devotion: Art of the Religious Orders in the Spanish Andes

On view through June 25, 2017 at the Art Institute of Chicago, Doctrine and Devotion introduces the major religious missionary orders active in South America during the colonial period. The exhibition explores the visual themes ...

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Posted: February 29, 2016

Mabel Dodge Luhan & Company: American Moderns and the West

The Foundation is pleased to support the Mabel Dodge Luhan & Company exhibition organized by the Harwood Museum of Art in Taos, New Mexico. Opening May 22, 2016, the exhibition explores the life and times ...

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Posted: February 26, 2016

Acquisition Highlight: Frank Stella’s Jabłonów II

One of the Foundation’s biggest – literally! – acquisitions in 2015 was Frank Stella’s Jabłonów II, 1971. Jabłonów II, which measures 95 1/2 x 114 inches, is part of the current Power Geometry exhibition on view ...

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Posted: February 3, 2016

Meet the Team: Anna Stiles

Collections Manager Anna Stiles joined the Foundation team in September 2015. Based in Chicago, Anna handles the logistics of the Foundation’s artwork loans, acquisitions, and the maintenance of the collection in Chicago ...

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Posted: January 5, 2016

2015 Arts Writing Awards Winners Discuss Criticism in Digital Art

NEW YORK CITY – On the evening of December 15, 2015, Jon Ippolito and Joanne McNeil, the inaugural awardees of the Thoma Foundation Arts Writing Awards in Digital Art, joined Christiane Paul in a ...

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Posted: December 22, 2015

Artist James Córdova on the Art and History of St. Teresa of Ávila

James Córdova joins us in a five-part series about the santero tradition to discuss his St. Teresa of Ávila bulto, a recent addition to our Spanish Colonial collection. Here he describes the history of St. ...

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Posted: December 15, 2015

2015 Recipients: Jon Ippolito & Joanne McNeil

THE 2015 ARTS WRITING AWARDS RECIPIENTS Jon Ippolito received the $30,000 award for an established arts writer in the U.S. who has made significant contributions to writing in the digital arts. Jon ...

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Posted: December 3, 2015

Better Words About Bits: Thoma Foundation 2015 Arts Writing Awards Winners Speak on Criticism in Digital Art

NEW YORK CITY – Jon Ippolito and Joanne McNeil, the inaugural awardees of the Thoma Foundation Arts Writing Awards in Digital Art, join Christiane Paul in a conversation on the critical role ...

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