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Rooted in Soil exhibition at the DePaul Museum in Chicago

January 9, 2015
Southwest Modern & Contemporary

The DePaul Art Museum’s exhibition, Rooted in Soil, explored the many facets of a humble yet extraordinary material—soil.

From the DePaul Art Museum:

Soil is omnipresent: a life-sustaining but overlooked medium whose cycle of decomposition and regeneration forms the very basis of  life itself. Yet human activities such as large-scale farming and deforestation are compromising the health of soil on a global scale. This exhibition will bring together works by contemporary artists that explore multiple aspects of soil, documenting natural processes and human interventions, and  proposing radically innovative solutions that combine leading-edge scientific approaches and fresh artistic and philosophical perspectives.

The exhibition included a video installation by John Gerrard and photographs by Arthur Rothstein and Edward Burtynsky from the Carl and Marilynn Thoma collection.

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