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Symposium on Latin America in the Early Colonial Period at the Newberry Library in Chicago

March 4, 2015
Art of the Spanish Americas

Saturday, April 11th the Newberry Library in Chicago will host a symposium on Latin America in the Early Colonial Period. Laura Matthew from Marquette University is the keynote speaker. Individuals interested in attending the symposium must register at Ruggles Hall by April 10th.

From the Newberry Library:

This symposium aims to explore the complexities of Latin America during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, grappling with the multiple perspectives of the many Indigenous and European cultures involved in this time of contact and conflict.

This is a hybrid program, with two scholarly sessions in the morning and a public keynote lecture in the afternoon. Papers for the morning sessions will be precirculated to those who register to attend, and the authors will not read the papers. They will talk briefly about their research projects, followed by prepared commentary, with the bulk of the time given to discussion among the panelists and with the audience.

Image courtesy of the Newberry Library. Map with Nahuatl glyphs, 16th century. Newberry Ayer MS 1903.

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