Image courtesy Theo Krantz.


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Theo Krantz Performing at Art House on November 15

November 10, 2019
November 15, 2019
5:45pm & 6:45pm
Art House
231 Delgado St.
Santa Fe, NM 87501
Digital & Media Art

In celebration of the November 15 opening of Lorna by Lynn Hershman Leeson, Art House will be hosting two 15-minute sound art performances by Theo Krantz at 5:45 and 6:45pm.

Theo Krantz (b. 1993) is a sound artist based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. His work is defined by frequent use of cassette tape and digital synthesis, as well as found-sound. Theo’s most recent work has been heavily inspired by the Kankyo Ongaku (Environmental Music) movement of 1980s-1990s Japan, as well as the composition method plunderphonics, an offshoot of musique concrète.

Both performances will heavily feature manipulated cassette tape and layered samples of found-sound material. The two performances will be like fraternal twins, with the same materials invoking divergent textures and temperaments. The first piece will be lighter, more contemplative, and brighter, while the second will be darker and more focused on ominous and melancholic themes.

To learn more about Theo’s work, visit his website and listen to his 2018 visual album wednesday two.

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