Thiago Rocha Pitta, Danaë nos jardins de górgona ou nostalgia da pangéia, 2011, single-channel digital video. © Thiago Rocha Pitta.


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Thiago Rocha Pitta’s Digital Art Video Available Online

June 13, 2020
Thiago Rocha Pitta
Digital & Media Art

Thiago Rocha Pitta chose specific landscapes of South African coasts and his native Brazil for their similar rock composition. Here, honey poured on rock represents the passage of geologic time. “When I visited South Africa, it had the same smell as the place I was born, my country, the smell of the rocks and the earth,” said the artist. “If you look at a map, the west coast of Africa and the east coast of South America fit perfectly. It’s the same rocks on both continents,” he said, referring to Pangea, the Earth’s supercontinent of 335 million years ago. In his tranquil video, Thiago Rocha Pitta invites viewers to contemplate a natural rhythm of time.


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